We love an innovative idea; one that's a good cause at heart. Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) has spent more than a decade facilitating guidance and mentorship to organisations with a greater purpose. We help them take the next right steps. Staying true to the core of our beliefs, we've partnered to back four paper ideas and see them all the way to reality. We want to see innovators get their best hacks on.

What is Hackathon?

A marathon is a race to the finish line; speed and hard work make a winner. Stemming from the concept is Hackathon: 2 days of racing to the best, low-cost solutions.

At Hackathon, people from diverse disciplines and varied skills come together to solve a significant societal problem. The event hosts potential innovators from across the country to brainstorm a novel solution that will combat a wide-spread problem.

The only rules are: bring us an out-of-the-box idea for a low-cost technology that's going to directly benefit the bottom of the pyramid.

From paper to reality

Through Hackathon MIF hopes to find innovative and the best technology, process / or business ideas to convert them into viable, low-cost innovative solutions to create sustainable direct impact.


The winning ideas at Hackathon wins a "full incubation" opportunity. The journey from the idea stage to a tangible technology is fuelled by:

Our Partner


Villgro is India's oldest and foremost social enterprise incubator. Villgro funds, mentors and incubates early-stage, innovation-based social enterprises that impact the lives of India's poor. Since 2001, Villgro has incubated 109 such enterprises, which secured Rs 1124 million in follow-on funding, and touched over 15 million lives. Read more at

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MIF – CAMTech Diabetes Hackathon:

MIF partnered with Boston - based Consortium of Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) for a Diabetes Hackathon. Over 200 participants – (Clinicians, Engineers and Entrepreneurs) forming 40 teams worked over the weekend to find innovative solutions to combat diabetes. The Hackathon was held on 9 – 11 October 2015 at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

A quick snapshot of the Diabetes Hackathon is follows: It commenced with a Clinical Summit – a day long event featuring a diverse group of stakeholders, including patients, physicians, nurses, ASHA workers, government and industry representatives, and public health experts focused on tackling pressing clinical health challenges and barriers to diabetes care in India followed by two days of Hackathon.

40 teams under the guidance of cross-disciplinary mentors worked on the challenges to derive innovative solutions.

The hackathon saw cash prizes being awarded to the winning teams in various categories, including the $1,000 Marico Innovation Foundation Prize awarded to a team which developed a non-invasive device that uses infrared light to measure blood glucose through the earlobe.