MIF Involve is a platform that brings content from the innovation ecosystem directly to you. Here, we present to you some of the best innovations in our country that are truly transforming lives, communities, businesses and more. Through this platform, MIF nurtures innovation by spreading awareness about these innovations and hence helping them create a larger impact.


A recognition platform in the form of an online video series
This is a series of short online videos that showcase impactful innovations with an aim to bring to light unknown innovations. It has proven to amplify awareness resulting in tangible benefits for featured innovations.



A platform committed to creating a culture of innovation in India using a multi-faceted approach to content dissemination. Highlights of the journey of successful innovations and innovators form the crux of InnoWin.
Over the course of time, the content of InnoWin has evolved from the conventional magazine that it used to be, to MIF’s weekly newsletter and social media handles today.