FAQs for the Scale-Up Program Program

1. What is Scale-Up Program? How does it function?  

Learn all about the Scale-Up Program by clicking here:

2. Is Scale-Up Program only for socially relevant organisations?  


3. When does MIF call for the next batch of Scale-Up Program? I'd like to apply!  

There is no waiting or invitation period to get your organisation mentored under Scale-Up Program. Write to us at socialimpact@maricoinnovationfoundation.org and we will reach out to you.

4. How will my organisation benefit from Scale-Up Program?  

Under the Scale-Up Program, you will be mentored by external mentors and internal Marico mentors who are specialists in their respective domains. Here are a few case studies and examples of how this initiative has helped various organisations from diverse sectors over the years. To read about them; click here

5. What parameters will my organisation be selected on to be part of Scale-Up Program?  

MIF reviews applications on the following 4 parameters:

  • Innovation: Your idea must demonstrate the use of innovation to impact the lives of your target audience; this could be through your business model, technology, distribution network, product/service or operations.
  • Social Impact: Your idea must be aimed at bettering the lives of underserved communities and give them greater access to opportunities that will, in turn, improve their standard of living.
  • Potential to Scale: Your innovative idea should be able to touch the lives of a large audience; it should not be targeted at a niche group of people.
  • Organisational Readiness and Commitment: Your organisation's senior leadership and board of directors, along with each of its members, must be completely prepared to face and overcome the challenges that the journey to scale brings. You must all be ready to take your idea to the next level. MIF expects full cooperation from each member of the organisation.

6. What areas can MIF help me scale?  

To date, MIF has helped organisations achieve scale in marketing and branding, distribution, supply chain management and procurement, sales and human resources.

7. What is the fee to be part of Scale-Up Program?  

MIF does not charge a fee for mentorship under Scale-Up Program.

8. Does Scale-Up Program legally bind me? Will my information remain confidential?  

Since a lot of time, effort, expertise, and resources goes into Scale-Up Program, yes, you will have to sign an MOU with MIF stating that you are fully committed to reap maximum benefit from this advisory service. Your organisation's information will remain fully confidential with MIF.

9. Will Scale-Up Program fund my future plans?  

MIF strictly does not undertake direct funding, charity, or donations of any kind.

10. How long does an Scale-Up Program mentorship last?  

Our ideal engagement period with social organisations under Scale-Up Program lasts between 2 to 3 years.

11. Can I engage with other mentors while working with MIF?  

You may engage with other consultants during your mentorship under Scale-Up Program but strictly not under the scope and area of focus we have highlighted for you.

12. What does MIF want in return for this mentorship?  

MIF wants to see organisations mentored under Scale-Up Program scale and achieve their full potential. We do this by mentoring a social, scalable cause so that it may become a full-fledged financially viable business.

MIF also aims to bring sustainability to social businesses. We aim to impact as many lives as possible by teaching people a trade instead of simply donating to them.