About the Program

Marico Innovation Foundation’s scale-up program is designed to accelerate social organizations that have an innovative model, product or service at heart, generating impact on the Bottom of Pyramid (BoP).

The scale-up program works closely with innovative social organizations which are driven to achieve large scale impact. Our network of domain experts, CXOs, B-schools and like-minded corporates consult organizations on their scale-up. We diagnose the challenges, implement prototype solutions and integrate successful solutions into the business offering of the organization.

A number of social organizations are restrained from achieving large-scale impact due to limited resources or other bottlenecks. Some of the common issues are lack of business mind-set, lack of in-house expertise, lack of collaborative connections. Through the scale-up program, MIF helps social organizations focus on scale-up through resources such as Marico senior mentors, other CSR foundations, Pro-bono experts, B-School students, Corporate Volunteers, Impact investors and other Incubators / accelerators.

The process that MIF follows under the Scale-up Program is as below mentioned:

Scale-up Program

We presently have:

  • 8 social enterprises active
  • 6 sectors covered across healthcare, livelihood, agriculture, health & hygiene, and education
  • 70+ Marico mentors ready to work with social enterprises
  • 15+ CEO mentors have agreed to mentor
  • 2 corporate partners

What is Scale-up Program?
Scale-up Program facilitates the growth and scaling up of existing and established social organisations so that they may truly touch the lives of millions. Through this programme, we catalyse the growth of a socially relevant innovative idea by strengthening the "business" of the organisation and mentoring it for scaling their impact.

Who do we look for?
We look for social impact-centric organisations that aim to positively impact the lives of millions through their goal of eradicating/mitigating a pertinent social problem.

How do we find these organisations?
We keep our eyes, ears, and doors open. If you're an organisation that fits the bill as defined above, write to us. Reach us when you're ready; at any time of the year. If you are aware of any social organisation which may fit the Scale-up Program, you may refer it to us.

What happens next?
Our internal panel of experts brainstorm with the selected organisations to identify their scaling and growth-related problems. We spell the challenges out together.

With our collective ideas in place, we then meet a team of experts and mentors relevant to the problem area of the organisation to devise solutions to combat it.

Who are these mentors?
Your first mentor is Harsh Mariwala, who personally hears and advices each case study.

Second, CXOs, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and all-round experienced hands comprise our pool of external mentors that engage with MIF to mentor and help scale-up worthy social organisations.

Third, with an experienced and enriched pool of multi-disciplinarians in Marico, we look within for core mentors too.

What about the solutions?
How are they implements? Based on an in-depth study of the challenges and roadblocks faced by the organisation, a hypothesis is made while an experiment is suggested to test the hypothesis. The solutions are continually tweaked to maximise their impact and intention.

But how much time is this process going to take?
While there is no quick-fix solution to positively impact the growth of an organisation for the long-term. We've got 2 plans:

Plan A: We will first define a 100-day solution to immediately corner your problems and begin solving them.

Plan B: Our long-term plan stretches to a year or two, after which the organisation is encouraged to implement the set solutions while we track their growth.