Rang De

Rang De is primarily a microcredit and lending platform, not a charity, that empowers rural entrepreneurship, consequently ensuring steady income for the majority of rural population across India.

How does Rang De operate?

Step 1: Rang De engages with Field Partners to evaluate and shortlist Borrowers.

Step 2: Social Investors are presented with the goals of the Borrowers, and can invest to help them fulfil their dreams at a nominal interest rate.

Step 3: Rang De transfers the loan amounts to the Borrowers, who start their business and return the loan as their enterprise begins to take off.

What scale and impact challenges did Rang De face?

Rang De's biggest struggle right now is to engage Social Investors for a steady flow of loans and investments. While they have a pool of borrowers, they are looking for expert advice in getting people to lend and spread awareness about their work and impact.

Loans disbursed: 40,000 and counting | Social investors joined: 8000 and counting

How is Scale-Up Program helping Rang De?

Scale-Up Program is leveraging its expertise in awareness building and aiding the success of Rang De as a lending platform. We are deploying various routes to reach interested Investors and escalate the impact of the organisation. One example of such an engagement is Impact Incorporated or i2, a giving programme targeted at corporates.

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