Yuva Parivartan

Yuva Parivartan (YP) is the flagship project of Kherwadi Social Welfare Association, which has served suburban Mumbai since 1928.

In 1997, a survey of local youth pointed out that 80% of them do not complete their schooling and are consequently forgotten by the government and society, at large. They were semi-literate, unskilled and hence, unemployable.

YP was incepted in 1998 to empower these youth and make them self-sufficient. It was formally launched by the late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2003. The primary objective of YP is to provide vocational training and skill development and thus, livelihoods to the deprived.

How does YP operate?

YP currently operates through its own brick-n-mortar Livelihood Development Centres (LDCs); Rural Mobile Livelihood Development Centres such as camps conducted in rented spaces or community halls; government- and corporate-sponsored Multi-Dimensional Training and Employment (MDTE), as well as Integrated Rural Development Programmes (IRDP).

YP provides three types of training environments; these are Employability Skills, Entrepreneurship Development, and Executive Training.

Step 1: YP identifies the need for specific training at a pre-identified location based on local demand for training or the local market's need for trained youth.

Step 2: It then defines topics for training, prepares modules, and training collateral.

Step 3: Identified youths are then trained.

Step 4: After the training is complete, the youth are assisted in placements of employment or self-employment opportunities.

What scale and impact challenges did YP face?

YP has till now trained about 450,000 youth of which 70% are gainfully employed/self-employed. But a few challenges remain:

1) Identifying relevant courses to match the interests and skills of the training youth was another challenge. Driving enrolment for courses posed a problem.

2) The biggest challenge for YP was to monitor and track the performance of its frontline staff. YP's large footprint across 17 states and its increasing number of employees made the task of monitoring and evaluation more crucial.

How is Scale-Up Program helping YP?

- Scale-Up Program is helping YP improve its field staff's operation effectiveness.
- MIF mentors also understand YP's monitoring mechanisms at each level along with the current activities conducted by each person so that they can recommend a well-rounded work allocation, sales, and monitoring process.
- Mentors are working to create a concrete process for sales force management too.
- Scale-Up Program is also helping YP in the creation of a mobile app for overall monitoring and tracking on-field employees.

Inception: While we were on our phase of research around Kherwadi, Bandra (E), we came across a lot of young children playing cricket and other games. We spoke to them and found out that they had dropped out from the school after failing exams. These kids would spend their entire day wandering and not learning anything. Finally, they would get trapped into anti-social activities due to a lack of education and adequate skills.

We realised the magnitude of the problem when we looked at the dropout data for the entire country: more than 300 million! India's demographic dividend needs to be leveraged for the progress of our nation. It shouldn't fall into the trap of poverty, further causing their indulgence in illegal activities. Yuva Parivartan was born out of such crucial need.

MIF: "MIF gave direction to our idea of developing MLDCs, which are required to reach out to the youth living in the remotest of regions. MIF helped in professionally developing our idea into action and also to professionally streamline the monitoring of our on-field employees, following best practices. This was of utmost importance for YP to scale up its initiative to reach out to 1 million youth every year."

Mrinalini Kher Co-founder, Yuva Parivartan

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