Zaya Learning Labs

Zaya sells a learning software platform for schools, after-school centres, and vocational training centres that runs online or on-device called ClassCloud. It provides the same experience offline. The platform allows teachers and trainers to deliver personalised learning to students at a very low cost. Customers can subscribe to content or create their own. Zaya also helps customers integrate personalised learning into their schools and centres by providing teacher training and academic support.

How does Zaya operate?

Zaya's business development team manages relationships in existing pipelines and incoming leads. They work closely with clients and recommend tailor-made solutions. As part of the onboarding process, they also provide two-day training on technology and class management.

What scale and impact challenges did Zaya face?

As Zaya is gearing up to scale, the company is re-evaluating strategies for:

1) Marketing and sales.

2) Supply chain and reverse logistics.

How is Scale-Up Program helping Zaya?

• Consulting on go-to-market strategies to increase customer base by 15x.

• Evaluating and designing a cost-effective supply chain and reverse logistics process for this level of scale.

Inception: During my San Francisco days, everyone was getting really excited about the internet’s power to deliver educational content to the masses. I realised that the people who needed this content the most wouldn’t be able to access it due to poor or non-existent internet access. I wanted to solve this problem, so I took a sabbatical from Cisco to travel to orphanages and schools in Indonesia and Mongolia to set-up the first version of the ClassCloud. One of our first students in Mongolia translated over 200 Khan Academy videos so that her peers could also learn from them. I was inspired to start Zaya to help more students like her, so I decided to name the company after her.

MIF: MIF is helping Zaya with go-to-market strategies and supply chain processes as we scale up.

Neil Dsouza Founder and CEO, Zaya

Read Zaya’s success stories:

Currently, Zaya works with more than 100 schools. They have reached over 20,000 students and trained 400 teachers. A control/intervention experiment in a northern Mumbai school found that Zaya students almost always outpaced their peers on the same beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of year exams. 

Zaya has helped me to teach well. Today, I am in a better position to improve a student’s learning by guiding and mentoring them. Samreen Yamin Ahmed, Teacher at Holy Star, Malwani.