Journey So Far

Since 2003, MIF has been helping organizations in inculcating innovation into their practices with the dual objective of achieving exponential growth and direct impact in the communities they serve.

MIF undertook large-scale research to study the impact of innovation in the business and social sectors.

  • The "Challenger Research" series – cutting edge research on Indian organizations that achieved quantum growth through radical innovation. The objective was to do a challenger mapping of India - to identify organizations that swim against popular advice with stunning success. At the same time became equally important to understand how these organizations conceptualized and converted radical strategies into quantum results
  • Social Innovation Research - To identify and study organizations that have pioneered innovative strategies in Literacy, Water management, Livelihood and Governance. Some of the organizations include Pratham, Surat Municipality, Kudambashree, among others

MIF's current activities in India include:

  • Accelerating social enterprises through the Scale-Up Program – Scaling up the direct impact of social organizations through innovation resulting in a positive impact on underserved communities
  • Building an innovation ecosystem through Awards
  • Creating an Innovation Knowledge Community through Innowin
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