Overview of the Foundation

Marico Innovation Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working towards the cause of innovation since 2003. The Foundation creates impact through its four core programs:

  • MIF Scale-up program: A program to identify innovative social organisations and help them break the barriers and overcome the challenges for scale-up.
  • MIF Innovation Awards: Celebrates the most breakthrough Indian innovations that hold the potential to have a large scale impact.
  • Innowin: A series of short videos that showcase some of the most amazing innovations of India that are truly transforming lives, communities, businesses and more.
  • Hackathon: A platform created and designed to inspire innovations and incubate them into successful businesses.

MIF was founded by Harsh Mariwala, Chairman of Marico Limited, one of India's leading Consumer Products & Services companies, in the global beauty and wellness space. MIF is now the subsidiary of Marico Limited. Marico Limited drives its CSR initiatives through MIF. Since its inception, Marico Limited has worked outside the box, to bring innovation to its customers through the careful creation of continuous and sustainable change. To know more, visit us at www.marico.com

Our Philosophy

We believe that India's growth story can be accelerated by creating a vibrant ecosystem of 'creative innovators', who challenge conventional thinking, and push boundaries by applying new concepts and ideas.

Our credo is based on the pillar of building an innovation ecosystem to enable social organisations achieve large-scale impact using breakthrough innovations.

Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) seeks to fuel innovation in India. Its vision encompasses the innovation ecosystem in India. MIF believes that Innovation can spur creation and sustenance of successful and enduring Indian brands. That will enable India to reposition itself as a global economic superpower.

Harsh Mariwala Founder, Marico Innovation Foundation